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MCPHS | Ticketing

MCPHS | Ticketing

Department Policies

Ticket Policy

Tickets are for MCPHS University Boston students ONLY! One ticket per student. Tickets may not be purchased for family or guests. If and when events are open to the public, this will be advertised to the campus community.

Tickets cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed, and is valid only for the event and seat for which it is issued. Tickets cannot be redeemable for cash.

No resale of tickets. If the Center for Campus Life finds that a ticket was re-sold, the individual will be prohibited from purchasing future tickets for (1) academic semester.

Ticket Pick Up

Students will be able to pick up ticketed events specified in the ticket platform or in an e-mail.

Ticketed students have to pick up their ticket by 12pm the day before the scheduled event or by Thursday by 12pm if it is a Friday, weekend or holiday scheduled event (or otherwise noted). If the ticket is not picked up by this time, the Center for Campus Life will release tickets and tickets will be available by a first come, first serve basis via the ticket platform.

If a student is unable to pick up their ticket at the specified time and location, they must contact the Center for Campus Life by along with their proxy with the following information (ticketed event, who will be picking up on their behalf).  The student will be asked to sign the University waiver before their proxy picks up their ticket, if it was not available through the ticket platform.
When the proxy picks up the ticket, they must show the confirmation email from the confirming that the ticket can be picked up.

Alcohol at University Sponsored Events
For all off-campus events where alcohol will be served, recognized student organizations in good standing must register and obtain approval with Student Affairs – Boston, Worcester, or Manchester. Registration
of an off-campus event requires the following: a completed “Event Registration Form”, communication with the group’s Faculty Advisor and President by Student Affairs – Boston, Worcester, or Manchester. Upon
completion of the above, the Assistant Director of Student Activities (Worcester or Manchester) or a representative from the Center for Campus Life (Boston) will, in writing, deny or grant permission for the event.
Failure to properly register an event and seek approval is a violation of this alcohol policy and the Student Code of Conduct. The sponsoring organization shall abide by the established laws of the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts, ordinances of the City of Worcester, Manchester, or Boston, as applicable, and policies of MCPHS.

On the Boston campus, any student group wishing to hold an event, regardless of location or nature, must receive approval by the Center for Campus Life, Boston. University funds and/or student fees may not be
used to purchase alcoholic beverages for student use. Recognized student organizations may not offer alcoholic beverages free of charge to any event participant. Participants may not bring their own alcoholic
beverages to any event. When alcoholic beverages are served, food and nonalcoholic beverages must be available. The cost of these refreshments must not be prohibitive. Alcoholic beverages may not continue to be
served if nonalcoholic beverages run out. If alcohol is served with approval at a student event, this must be done through a cash bar.  When alcoholic beverages are served, the function must be supportive of best practices from alcohol education programs that encourage  responsible decisions about the use or nonuse of alcohol beverages.  Alcoholic beverages may not be provided as awards.

End of the Semester Event Policy
During the last two weeks of each academic term, an emphasis should be placed on academics. Fourteen days prior to the last day of classes each semester, no events sponsored by recognized student clubs or
organizations may be scheduled. Study break activities and events for specific constituencies (social programs, department socials, etc.) may be scheduled with approval of the Center for Campus Life or the Office
of Student Affairs.

Event Registration Policy

The use of all on-campus facilities (classrooms, conference rooms, public lounges, etc.) and scheduling of on-or-off-campus events must be initiated with and approved by Campus Life (Boston) or the Director of
Campus Life (Worcester) or the Senior Associate Dean of Students (Manchester).Campus Life (Boston) Any student group wishing to hold an event, regardless of location or nature, must complete the ”ACPO Event & Community Service Proposal Form 19-20” and receive approval by Campus Life Boston. ACPO will provide the deadlines for each month’s events in the beginning of each semester. These dates are usually 2 weeks before the beginning of the next month. In order to hold events they MUST be approved by the Center for Campus Life. Once events are approved, CPOs will receive an email regarding fliers, waivers, and procedures to move forward with their event. Please take into consideration, larger scale events, will take a longer process depending on the audience and budget.  Each CPO will use the Event Approval wufoo form provided to submit events for approval.On-Campus and Off-Campus ProgramsCPOs are able to put on two different types of events, oncampus and off-campus. 

An on-campus event is anything that needs a room reservation at MCPHS.  These events would be in the buildings of Fennell, Griffin, Matricaria, or White.Activities Period. This period is every Tuesday and Thursday
from 12:20pm-1:20pm. Many student organizations decide to hold their meetings and events during this block. Please note that since these days and times are in high demand, a backup day/time should be planned.
Collaboration with other organizations is recommended for events happening during this period.

An off-campus event happens off MCPHS properties in the Boston or local community. These events require student to travel in the forms or walking, MBTA, buses, etc. All off-campus trips require students to fill
out a waiver form before attending any event.

Waiver Policy

For any University-sponsored off-campus trip, all students participating must have a waiver signed. Any student who is under 18 years of age will need a parent/guardian called for permission to attend event/activity. Waivers must be completed and submitted prior to attending the event.

Student Responsibility for Policies and Procedures

It is the responsibility of students to know and understand individual department policies as well as campus policies published in the Student Handbook. These policies include, but are not limited to policies on Academic Honesty Policy, Electronic Communications Policy, Nondiscrimination Policy, Protection from Harassment Policy, Smoke-free Policy, Hazing Policy, Alcohol Policy and Drug Abuse Policy.

These policies are subject to change.